Corona – Hack The Pandemic

Bitter Fact, we are witnessing a breakdown in the global stock of face masks, it is a basic necessity, especially when it comes to Healthcare personnel who are at the forefront of fighting this disease. In many countries the authorities have strongly recommended the use of these masks (or similar) on public transport also. These masks, despite being effective, also have some problems such as a shorter life-cycle (about 8 hours), and have another even more serious problem. Respiratory viruses, specifically SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) can live up to 72 hours on different surfaces. This is a problem since using a conventional mask, at the end of the day we would have a high viral/bacterial load trapped within millimeters of our nose and mouth, further exposing ourselves to these dangerous microbes.

So, How can we help?

We own a Rapid Prototyping Print Farm, We have decided to run it day and night to 3D Printed Face Masks until we run out of raw materials.

This is possible as a collective effort.

Our RPT print farm is now dedicated to run to make face masks, Solar Nano Grid is providing power to the print farm 24/7, Juno Robot division will supply the highest quality HEPA filters which were proven for its effectiveness in the robots, More such filters will be sourced from HEPA filters used in Automotive cabin filtration systems.

We are happy to help, Whenever, Where-ever, However Possible!


Product Details:


Facilitate manufacturing and transportation with massive shippings all over the world and to rural settings.

Thermoforming capabilities

At 55º – 60º C to allow the use of hair dryers or warm water to give the correct shape of the anatomy of any face.

Reusable & Recyclable

You can use this mask any times you want. The increasing use of single-used surgical masks and N95 respirators will have a detrimental effect in the ecosystem. To prevent this detrimental effect in our environment, this one will be made with recyclable material.

Modular Filtration System

Masks will incorporate a novel modular fine particle filtration system to provide better protection by filtering. This  filtration system includes a several layers with different geometries to provide an effective fine particle filtration. Furthermore, this system can house third party filtration materials, such as non-woven propylene, clothing, sponges, or textiles.

Control of the filtration and air intake

Prolong use of N95 respirators have shown to reduce lung capacity. These single-use respirators do not allow the regulation of air intake or particle size. This mack incorporates a modular filtration disc that can effectively regulate the air intake and the particle size. This system that can be customized by using third party filtration non-woven propylene, clothes, sponges, and different textiles to reduce the level of filtration.

How to use?

1. Heat the flat mask to 55º-60º C with a hairdryer or hot water. The circular part has to be intact, that’s why it’s thicker so that it doesn’t deform.

2. When softening, bring together the nose wings and adjustment wings located on the lower jaw. You can glue them to fix them better if you want.