Rolling Release Model

This business sector is a joint venture

Next-generation Watchung Systeme & Losungen

Surveillance, Security, Access Control Systems & Solutions

Practically proven Wireless IP Surveillance Cameras Services since 2012.

As per our new “Standards-Basics” policy, HD cameras were the entry level products we deal & Install.

Every one of our installs are performed by specialized professionals specifically skilled in their area of work.

If you have  a specific security system type you require, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back in touch with you!

Our Services


From analysis to installation and configuration our team will take care of total process. We use precise instruments and skilled labor which results in better quality and a satisfactory outcome on the total work done.

Networking Solutions

Wide range of networking and cabling services were offered to companies and industries, on call assistance and guidance and essential training to customers were also provided to ensure non-stop hassle free functioning.

Access Control & Bio-metric Systems

We also offer bio-metric based attendance system which gives reports of In & Out times of staff members. Advanced system provides access controls to restricted area to authorized personals.


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