Naveen’s Powerwall


I understand your curiosity, Some of you already know about this product, some are already using it.

Product Line-Up is coming soon | Page under construction.


Requirement Analysis

Getting a product and realizing that its not what I need and regretting is not new. Our expert team is aimed to reduce this experience.


For the pin pointed requirement, we search for the product line-up or come up with the customized product to solve your needs of energy storage.


A battery that powers your house through any outage
A battery that runs your electric two wheeler with 100+kms range

We got both aspects covered.

End Point Solution

You heard it right.

The batteries are installed in the desired application area by the same company that has the expertise to build the battery.



Lithium based | Wall Mountable | Asthetic | Modular Batteries for Home, Business, Offices, Industries | Scalable | Modular | Works With Solar Power | Off-Grid Support

E-Bike Batteries

Premium Batteries for New Vehicles
Min Range: 100kms/charge
Max Range: 198kms/charge

Upgrades Available For Existing vehicles with Lead Acid Batteries to Lithium


Multi-Level Fail Proofing makes the system more robust and fail-proof. Superior innovation to stand out of the crowd.

A programmable lithium battery for every home, office & vehicle.


Lithium batteries are repairable with in-built security mechanisms. You don’t have to scrap your battery every 5 years anymore.

15 years, Fit & Forget Solution with AMC availability.

Eco Edition

Coming Soon

Amazing Home Edition

Coming Soon

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