In my own view & words:

My grandfather had farming (organic farming) as his only way of life (AKA Profession).

My father had a job and have been passionate about farming. Organic is not a thing for his generation.

In my time, Organic is a thing, most people are interested in organic farming, but the knowledge from the grandfather generation is not effectively transferred or passed on to other generations.

Also, In the era of commercialization & globalization, many industries in my country are facing lack of labor force. When it comes to agriculture, its more than the workforce & knowledge, a high prediction skill and expertise is needed.

In order to fill this gap, many countries are empowering farmers using machinery, so that, one or two people can do farming in many acres.

If we could achieve such a massive scale farming using machinery and combine these with organic farming techniques, It will take us a long way.


Thoughts about Organic Food in Thought -> Organic Food in Plate


Replacing commercialized consumables used in agriculture with long term alternatives.

Empowering farmers & educating them about handling high tech platforms to empower them to get the best outcome in their existing work.


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