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Firm NameDescriptionMilestone
Naveen ComputersPremium PC Builds - Customized Computers
Official Linux Support
Debian listed Hardware Vendor
Industry leading perfection,
Skilled Tech Support,
Long Term Support,
Custom Build for every need.
NaveenDesignsWebsites, Apps, Software Development
[Enterprise, Industrial, Personal Grades]
Over 2 Million people has experienced or came across one of our works.
Yaal Technology Solutions
Software Development & Logic Evolution FirmN/A
NWSLIP surveillance systems.
For Home, Enterprises, Offices, Industries
First to Introduce AI on-premises setup.
Juno DynamicsPremium Robots For Every Home & Office Unmatched best service among all competitors
SONGSolar Optimized Nano Grid
Alternative Grid Technology with Multi-Level Fail Proofing
Successful Running of First Deployment for 4 Years
NextCloud.inCloud Server Enterprise
More focus towards privacy
Digital data Management
India's First Privacy Respecting Cloud Enterprise.
Owns a Data Center
Naveen Research TamilYouTube ChannelYouTube channel for knowledge sharing.
Also sells products by educating instead of marketing.

Social Portfolio

Organization NameDesignationActivityDescription
Project Ray SapphireIndependent Volunteer2010-12Offline Availability of entire Wikipedia to Ramapuram Govt school without internet access
JCIDistrict Director2018Junior Chamber Of India
Ko Desam Research FoundationVolunteer &
Expert Speaker
ActiveCreating awareness of green energy & sustainable living.
River Basin FoundationVolunteerActiveTargets handling of carbon emission through tree plantations and Visions to reduce carbon footprint by innovative methods.
Kosaksi's InstituteFounderActiveNon-Profit organization for providing advanced technical knowledge to students with limited access to digital world.
iNCUBATORFounderActiveServices and softwares to support Startups @ Rs.1
Vithai FoundationVolunteerActiveSharing technical expertise to improve learning experience through schools in rural areas.


1Computer Programming & English PoetrySummer Camp EventFirst Place2002
2Paiting CompetitionUC MasParticipation in National Level Event2003
3First Salary Part Time Job As Computer TechnicianN/A2008
4Zero absent awardCollege Department LevelN/A2008
5Inter-Department Paper Presentation Event Technical presentationFirst Place Holder2009
6Inter-Department Paper Presentation Event Technical presentationFirst Place Holder2009
7Inter-College Paper PresentaionTechnical Presentation
First Place Holder2010
8National Level Paper PresentationTechnical PresentationThird Place Holder
9English PoetryCollege Level EventFist Place Holder 2010
10Students Community PortalWeb based students portal for connecting students with industry experts for knowledge sharing & brainstormingDeployment of an online forum.2010
11Inter-Department Paper Presentation Event Creative PresentationFirst Place Holder2010
12National Level Paper PresentationTechnical PresentationSecond Place Holder
13Inter-Department Paper Presentation Event Technical PresentationFirst Place Holder2010
14My Idea ProgrammeTechnical ProgrammeFist Place Holder2010
15Best Final Year Project of the yearE-CartFirst Place with Cash Reward2011
16Regional News Navigator
Started as Final Year Project, Finished After Finishing CourseN/A
Helped in Placement
17Placement in 14 CompaniesSoftware Engineer & Various DesignationsHighest Placement Record2011
18First Software Product SaleE-Cart [Final Semester Project]First Sale of Digital Product for a Company2011
195 Partnership OffersWork / Business OffersAdditional Working Partner Offers2012
20Making Of Powerwall CloneProduct Design, EngineeringFirst In India2017
Rest Continued in "Ventures" Section
21EnergyWall - The PowerwallLithium Battery PackSale Of First Wall Mountable Lithium Battery Pack2020
22JUNO DYNAMICSBattery Pack UpgradeStarted Building Customized Lithium Batteries For Robots2020
23NextCloud.inNano Data CenterWorld's First Nano Data Center2020
24NaveenComputersDebian Listed VendorHardware Vendor Shipping Computers With Debian Installed By Default Internationally.2020
25[Work In Progress][Something Big][Something Interesting][Is Coming]

Serial Entrepreneur | Coder | Technologist | Green Energy Enthusiast | Inventor

5 Rules for self:

Rule 1: Never give up.

Rule 2: Money is not everything.

Rule 3: If something is so easy, Don’t it.

Rule 4: Attempt even if the probable outcome would be failure.

Rule 5: Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Ambitious  conventional businesses and succeed in that and make huge money and settle down. My intention is to keep coming up with revolutionary ideas to create game changing ideas and business models. My innovations are focused mainly to address the false persecution of having a good degree from a reputed college and a white collar job is needed to succeed in life which is in fact not correct.

Normal life is boring, Entrepreneur life is double.

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