Means HOME

  • A modern connected house concept where everything is connected to everything else without any 3rd party involvement.
  • A house that generates its own power, Stores it in most reliable Lithium Batteries, Distributes power to equipment’s 24/7. Even when the battery power is fully utilized, one can switch over to grid or run in low power mode., i.e: Running basic equipment’s at optimal power.
  • Equipment’s that remains always powered on, It needs to be turned off only when its not needed.
  • A high tech surveillance system that identifies humans, pets, vehicles using object recognition technology and alters you instead of alarming.
  • Cleaning the home is always a tedious process, our robots will take care of sweeping and mopping all together. Just say it, Its done.
  • A virtual data center, Remember pop-up ads in phones and computers? Its gone in this modern home, The VDC filters out all the advertisements at network level, You can even stop using big company freewares like mail, cloud storage, file servers since they all are packed into 2ft container. Never worry about a corrupt memory card, lost phone, failed computers, Your data is @home.
  • DDM, Yes, Direct Digital Manufacturing is a part of your workspace inside the house. Next time you dont have to walk out to get your face shield.
  • More on the way. Updates coming sooner.