What’s in My Bag, 2018 edition

Am a road warrior who been racking up several kilometers till date, and since am also working more-than-full-time running NaveenDesigns (a totally distributed firm), Am in need of the ability to be more productive wherever I can find a comfortable place to sit. I carry a backpack with me almost all the time and I keep on tweaking and iterating what’s in it – obsessively. This is the first edition and I hope you might enjoy this.

1. HP Laptop Charger
2. Compaq Laptop – Running Ubuntu 16.04 – With an extended Battery Pack
3. Microsoft Wireless Mouse
4. 2TB WD External Hard Disk & USB 3.0 Male to Micro Cable
5. 3D Printed Mini Tripod
6. 3D Printed Lord Ganesh
7. 3D Printed Phone Stand/Keychain
8. Philips SHS Behind the neck Headset – Bass Lover
9. Quick Paste [Just a quick paste, thats it]
10. Micro-USB OTG
11. Flat Cat5E Cable 1M
12. Mobile Charging Adapter – Qualcomm Quick Charge
13. TP-Link 4G Router MR3020
14. D-Link USB Modem – Backup
15. Android Smart Phone
16. Apple iPhone – Photography
17. Apple iPhone Backup phone
18. USB to Lightning Converter
19. Amazon Basics 3.5mm Audio Cable
20. Samsung Level U Headset [Never Ever Buy This One]
21. Amazon Basics Micro USB Cable
22. USB to USB Y Cable for Mini Router
23. Amazon Basics Car Charger – With Quick Charge
24. Raspberry PI 3 in a 3D printed Case
25. Apple iPod
26. Car Inverter
27. Panasonic 18650 Li-ion Battery [Discharged Paper Weight]
28. Powerbank – Custom Built DIY
29. Car On Board Diagnostics Unit
30. 3D Printed Groot
31. Keychain – Gift
32. 3D Printed Eye wear Holder
33. Eye Wear
34. Amazon Basics Tripod 60″ & Cover