Bad Suppliers Affects Business Operations


The commercial deployment of the solar systems has been delayed. The mistake is in my side.

All started two years ago when the decision was made to step into 3D printing to make customized parts for the components.

That deal did not go well and the first purchase, A clone machine has been replaced with a Hypercube model machine.

After 6 months of waiting, the product landed (shipping was taken care by the buyer, not seller) and the machine arrived in semi-functional condition.

The parts were either of poor quality and some of them were not working and few needed replacement right after 3 test prints.

Speaking the fact, This machine never made one successful print. Its been sitting idle occupying space and never got a proper fix from the manufacturer for months.

Even after spending countless hours working to fix the machine, one problem arises when another one gets fixed.


I strongly regret my decision to purchase a 3D printer from non-recognized startup.

DO NOT make a wrong choice like I did by purchasing machine from SathyaResearch.